Best Android Backup Apps 2018

Usage of Electronic Devices has become part and parcel of our day to day lives. Mobile Phones, for instance, are one such example of an electronic device which is used on a day to day basis. Researchers have shown that as of today the modern- day generation cannot survive a single minute without their mobile phones.

At first, we had the basic mobile sets but as time passed and technology developed so did the technology used in mobile phones upgrade. The two most talked about operating systems which are used in the modern- day phones today are Android and IOS.

Speaking about mobile sets whether it be Android or IOS the most important thing to a user are the files that he/she have in their sets. These files considering that they are important to the user should be backed up so that they can be recovered anytime if anything goes wrong. When it comes to Android, there are various Backup Apps which help in backing up files and other apps.

List of Android Backup Apps

1. App Backup Restore - Transfer 

app backup restore

ABR is considered one of the most basic and simplest apps which helps in backing up the data. It is quite user-friendly and not excessively complicated. This backup app helps in restoring and backing up APK files. Any information which an android user needs regarding system statistics is shown by this application. 

The main attraction of using this app is that it has the option of backing necessary files to cloud or even to the SD card. The user while using this application also has the luxury of backing up their contacts if they need to. In any event, if a factory reset is required then the APK files which have been backed up with the help of this app can be used to reinstall the same.

2. Backup Your Mobile

backup your mobile

It's a great backup app which helps in backing up the necessary files on an Android device is the application Backup Your Mobile. The user can download this application from the app store free of charge. Just like App Backup Restore, this is one of the simplest, user-friendly and basic apps which can be used by an Android user. The user can back up almost anything starting from different apps or messages, MMS, and even contacts.

This app also helps in backing up system settings. Backing up system settings is very helpful since once the factory reset is done the device goes to default settings. So next time if you backup your mobile and don't want to get your device into default state then use this app. Backing up data or files using this app is very simple and not at all time-consuming. The User Interface is also fairly simple and easy to use.

3. Google Photos

google photos app

One of the most used free back up apps is the Google Photos. As the name suggests, this application helps in backing up the user’s photos and videos. Nowadays people all around the world are obsessed with clicking different photos and videos which they usually store on their phones.

These photos and videos may even be some memorable moments which the user might save on their Android devices which if lost would cause great inconvenience to them. Thankfully with the use of the application Google Photos, all these photos and videos can be backed up. In the case of a factory reset, all these photos and videos can be recovered,

4. Backup Your Mobile

helium backup app

Helium is a great backup app which is used worldwide by the android users. Although not free of cost, one of the greatest advantages of using this backup app is that unlike most of the other backup apps the user does not require rooting their devices. Some of the backup apps can only be used if the device is rooted which is where this app is a class different because it does not require the rooting of the android device.

The user can back up all their necessary applications, contacts, and messages. This app helps in restoring and backing up all the necessary files to either the mobile device or the computer. Another attractive quality of this application is that if the premium version is purchased by the user, then the user has the right to sync apps between different Android devices. Users who want a backup app which does not involve rooting their devices should go for this backup app. This application also has root support for users who have rooted mobile devices.

5. Titanium Backup Root

Titanium Backup  Android App

This app helps the users to manage and control the applications which have been downloaded by the user who opted for rooted Android. The app helps not only in handling the downloaded apps but also protects the system applications. The best use of this backup application is that the important data can be restored anytime.

Using this app, data will be backed up thus you can be at peace that the important data is safe and secure and can be accessed at any time. This application saves the user from the fear of losing the data forever and be sorry later on. The rooted handset is one of the most basic things required to use this application. Download Titanium backup pro apk.

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From the above brief discussion, we can conclude that the backup applications mentioned here in are the most used and commonly referred apps for backing up the important data. The users of the android phones need these applications to save and secure the official data and important notes. So it is advised that the android users keep and use at least one backing up an application for precaution.

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