10 Best Hiking Apps 2018 For Outdoor Junkies!

If you're tired of being indoor and planning to go in the wild for outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking or adventure, in general, to freshen up your mood then hiking apps is something you need on your device.

Our team members used a dozen of apps and sorted out few best hiking apps for outdoor trip preparation, navigation, first aid, and survival. These apps were test on our smartphones and also best smartwatches of 2018.

Attention: If you've any suggestion then leave a comment below. Also, we would suggest to read our article Best fitness apps for have a powerful combo which will make your outdoor experience fun and easy.

Best Hiking Apps

1. AllTrails

Availability: iOS & Android

Cost: Free

Alltrails app

Alltrails is one of best hiking apps and outdoor companion. All Trails has a lot of data available for you to find your perfect hike or trail run by rating, length, and difficulty level while sitting at home or when you're stuck in the traffic jam. They've over 50000 trails with detailed reviews and maps curated by millions of outdoor junkies.

Attention: If you're serious or a regular hiker then we would recommend you check our list of recommended fitness trackers for 2018.

  • EXPLORE 50,000+ TRAILS: AllTrails has a list of 50,000+ Canadia and US trails which is hand curated by their team and regular hikers and backpackers. So, you'll never get out of an idea.
  • You can filter by sort out by kid-friendly, dog-friendly, and wheelchair friendly trails.
  • You can use map offline, print your own maps, create custom maps by activating their premium subscription.
  • Turn on the GPS in your device to follow the trails, and you'll never get lost. You can connect with like minded people or with your friends and family who are using this app, for more inspiration.

2. MapMyHike GPS Hiking

Availability: iOS & Android

Cost: Free

MapMyHike app

MapMyHike is developed by the popular MapMyFitness line app company. It produces fitness and outdoor activities oriented apps, and MapMyHike is one of these apps. It has gadget syncing (more on that later) feature that no other app has. Using this app, you can discover numerous new routes for hiking, and you'll never feel alone in a community of over 40 million athletes with the same mindset.

Either you’re a beginner on your first extended hiking or a professional, you’ll find the right tools resources and tools on the app that you need to stay on the path stay and motivated along the way.

  • This app allows you to sync your account with other health apps such as Apple Health.
  • You can pick from over 600 various sports to keep a complete log of all your activities.
  • The graph is 24/7 available which help you keep track of your distance, pace, calorie burn, and elevation gain stats.
  • You can connect the app with your wearable gadgets like smartwatch (Apple watch series 2, fit bit and much more) (SpeedForm® Gemini 2 Record) to track your activity.

3. Geocaching

Availability: iOS & Android

Cost: Free

Geocaching app

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity app, like hide and seek. I was in a dilemma whether or not I should list this app in the list of backpacking apps, but for its innovative approach, I decided to include it. There are millions of intelligently hidden containers called geocaches disbanded throughout more than 185 countries, just waiting to be found—And, it's possible that there might be a few near your place as well.

Basically, it is a type of treasure hunt game—in its most severe forms, more of sport. The clues are provided to you for the most valuable information, and you get GPS coordinated for the general location of some trove, which can range from a micro-cache, such as a tiny rolled-up log book inside a magnetic spare key container, to large boxes of buckets full of various kinds of jewels.

  • This app is also beneficial for kids that stay inside, video game lovers, to go outside for healthy and fresh air and exercise or to get experience with the real-world technology.
  • Learn about the world of trackable: geocaching game pieces that travel from geocache to geocache.
  • It can be a source of entertainment when you're hiking in the wilderness.
  • It can be unreliable as it has been reported that a couple was stumbling upon a geocache, thinking it was a bomb.
  • You can connect with other players; you can message them to learn or share some simple tips and tricks about games.

4. Yonder

Availability: iOS & Android

Cost: Free

 yonder app

Yonder is an interesting app that connects the dot between its users who do hikeing, camping or any sort of outdoor activity. Yonder works like a social media app for outdoor junkies where you can share your experience with other people online. You can view images of people in backpacking, biking, birding, and camping. You can follow people based on your interest in a particular activity. Like, you can follow people in backpacking group. It allows you to like their pictures and leave a comment like Facebook app.

You can also share your images, apparently. However, this is not just a social media app for outdoor junkies, but the other part of it is focused on exploration. You can find adventurous places near you so you can explore.

The reason behind listing this outdoor app in our list of best outdoor apps, best hiking apps, and best backpacking apps is its uniqueness and social media like feature which makes the app way more interesting than any other hiking app.

  • The app has about 25 activities which include bikers, hikers, skiers, backpacker, climbers, and more from around the world.​
  • You can explore a lot of places for you outdoor activity from their massive database of 20,000 destinations.
  • You can explore the map. And, you'll also get to see how many people visited that place before you.
  • You can share your picture directly from the Yonder to other popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, email, and SMS.
  • The app provides a description of every place in their map. Like: Yosemite National Park, provokes feelings of awe and wonder, is 747,956 acres in the Sierra Nevadas of California.

5. First Aid - American Red Cross

Availability: iOS & Android

Cost: Free

 First Aid app

First Aid is an app developed by Red cross organization. Accident happens weather you're indoor or outdoor. The problem with outdoor accidents in the wilderness is that people panic in the situation as there is nobody around them to take to the hospital. Therefore, it's necessary to have a First Aid app which can guide you; First Aid - 

American Red Cross is one such app. First Aid - American Red Cross is worldwide available and focused on the American, British, Australian Red Cross organizations locations. The app is preloaded with content that provides you safety information from accidents which is being shared by experts. Here are some key points of this app that makes it a must have hiking app.

  • The app includes uncomplicated step-by-step instructions guide you through everyday first aid situations.
  • The content is also available in the form of videos and quizzes which make it fun.
  • The app has safety tips for everything, from critical winter weather to storms, earthquakes, and cyclones to help you prepare for emergencies.
  • You can earn badges by playing quizzes which make the learning fun and easy. You can also show off your badges among your friends to boast about your knowledge.

6. SAS Survival Guide

Availability: iOS & Android

Cost: $6

SAS Survival Guide app

SAS Survival is a survival based app. It is one of the finest and high-quality apps with heck lot of quality content related to the survival. The one thing that discriminates this app from other apps is that this app's content is written by written by a former SAS soldier John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman.

The SAS is a Special Air Service, a regiment of the British Army, generally considered as one of the toughest fighting forces on the planet. So, if you want an app with a comprehensive survival guide for various outdoor activities, then you should consider this app for sure.

  • SAS survival guide is stuffed with the content that includes 400 pages of text with photos, videos, Morse code, compass devices, and complete first aid, and a quiz to examine your knowledge.
  • The app has a full text of the bestselling book and optimized for the iPhone and Android, over 400 pages.
  • The app contains 16 videos that provide valuable survival tips from the John Lofty himself.
  • The app includes photo galleries of Knots, Edible, Animal Tracks, medicinal and poisonous plants, sea creatures and snakes.
  • The interaction edition contains training on the law and self-defense, tackling snake bites, and dealing with extreme survival situation like fire.

7. Camp Finder - Campgrounds

Availability: iOS & Android

Price: $3 for Android & 4$ for iOS.

Camp Finder Campground

Camp Finder - Campgrounds helps you to find camping places around you. This app is launched by great camp finding site CampingRoadTrip.com that provides you latest information, reviews, photos of a campsite.

All the information is always updated with time, so you don't have to face any problem, or things don't fall out of expectations. The app is integrated with the database of the site, so all the information is live on the app.

  • The app allows you to check Check camp sites, reviews, facilities, camping discounts, contact details, photos and camping reviews to find the perfect campground, RV park or RV resort for you.​
  • The app has about 19,000 campgrounds, RV resorts, and RV parks which basically gives you the freedom to have a great time on the road.
  • You can search for campgrounds, RV parks, and resorts by sorting out the name, city & state, and current location.
  • You get to know about campsite facilities, types, policies, activities, and campground discounts.
  • The app coordinates with GPS and works with Google Maps, so you can quickly and easily find your campground address. This app also includes local directions, if you need a bit more help.

8. Trail Tracker GPS

Availability: iOS

Price: free.

Trail Tracker GPS app

Trail Tracker GPS is the most accurate GPS hiking, cycling, and trail app to keep the tracks of trails. It has map feature which keeps the track of longitude and latitude data like average speed, top speed. start elevation, end elevation throughout hiking, running, and cycling. This app can also be used while you're driving.

There is an inbuilt "sharing" feature that allows you to challenge your friend when you are doing activities like hiking, running, and cycling. Though Trail Tracker is free to download but after one week you'll be asked to upgrade to Trail Tracker Unlimited for a one-time fee that costs just $1.99 USD.

  • You can view your trail progress and statistics live. And, you can check your after-action trail information and interactive graphs.​
  • The app has a trip planner to help you map out a trip before you leave.
  • The app has the option to for easy map comparison to inspect and compare multiple trails side-by-side.
  • You can easily share the map through the use of email, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  • This app uses GPS when used so make sure your battery life is enough to make use of it otherwise you'll get into trouble while doing outdoor activity.

9. ViewRanger Trails & Maps

Availability: iOS & Android

Price: free.

Viewranger app

ViewRanger is a free hiking app that helps hikers plan, navigate, record and share their outdoor experiences. This app is a digital guide to the outdoors junkies, with hundreds of thousands of downloadable route guides, powerful GPS navigation features, and free worldwide maps. This mobile app runs on iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, Kindle Fire, tablets, and Android smartphones, and watches which you don't find on any other app.

This app works anywhere; you don't need phone signal which is a problem is a wilderness, isn't it? You can save the routes and map offline, so you don't even require an internet connection.

  • This app covers the whole world, not just European countries, and partnered with official mapping agencies to provide premium topographic maps for 23 countries.
  • ​Viewranger is used by the professionals; and over 200 Search and Rescue teams across Europe, US, and Canada.
  • ViewRanger is the first app that can be used with built-in GPS of Apple Smartwatch 2.
  • You can check the over 150,000 routes which are published routes posted by top brands such as Backpacker magazine, Elevation Outdoors, Menasha Ridge Press, and Wilderness Press.

10. Weather Live

Availability: iOS & Android

Price: 1.99 (Android); $2.99 (iOS)

Weather Live app

Weather Live is an app to keep track of weather. The one app you need before you leave for the outdoor activity is the weather. There are chances that weather may not be same as in your city when you reach your destination. So, don't let the weather surprise you.

Weather live a weather checking app which has a lot beautifully customized layouts which change according to the weather type. You'll new layout for rainy, hot, and windy weather.

  • This app is very accurate in weather forecast either you're living in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or any other location worldwide.​
  • This app provides you news of bad weather to alert you about severe weather that might affect your camping.
  • You can check humidity and precipitation information. Pressure is shown in inches, mm or bar.
  • This app also provides you wind direction and speed.

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