Best Portable Speakers 2017/2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

We hope you agree to our statement when we say...

​Music is love and life. It heals the sole! right?

Although, Smartphones are good device to listen to your favorite music in free time but do you really enjoy the quality and feel the music like you feel on computer and TV speakers.

..If you want to feel the music then you need a portable speaker. These compact size devices are convenient because they are portable which means you can carry them with you at UNI, College, Beach, and also on hiking. 

So, today I'm going to walk you through the list of best portable speakers 2017. Well, the quality of speakers vary according to the price, but I managed to compile the list which would fit into everyone's budget.

You'll find the best selling and Best Bluetooth portable speakers​ under 30$, 50$, 100$, 150$, 200$, 250$, and 300$. So, without any further ado lets get right into our content.

Best Portable Speakers 2017

Model Name
Rating For Its Price
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OontZ Angle 3
Under 30$
0.625 pounds
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DKnight Magicbox
Under 30$
0.51875 pounds
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DKnight Big MagicBox
Under 50$
0.9375 pounds
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Anker Premium A3143
Under 60$
1.4 pounds
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Under 80$
0.0125 pounds
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JBL Flip 3
Under 100$
1 pounds
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Under 150$
0.96875 pounds
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​Bose SoundLink Mini
Under 200$
1.5 pounds
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UE Megaboom
Under 250$
1.93 pounds
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Bose SoundLink III
Under 300$
3 pounds
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Best Under 30$

​#1 Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3

cambridge soundworks OontZ Angle 3

If you're looking for a reliable and high-quality portable speakers under 30$, then look no further, because you can't get any better speakers than OontZ Angle 3. The model name might sound weird, but it doesn't stop it to make it to the list of best portable speakers 2017.

It's 5 inches in the length, and water resistant to the minor water damages. It's triangular design is so sexy, and makes it stand out from those traditional rectangular box design portable speaker.

  • OontZ Angle 3 is the best selling portable Bluetooth speaker on Amazon under 30$.

Design, Functionality, and Sound Quality

​OontZ Angle 3 is a triangular shape designed speaker that makes it easy to carry with no square and sharp edges, Its size is so much useful for travel & hiking and fits easy in the backpack, baggage. It weighs less than 10 ounces which make it ultra portable.

It comes with a 2200mAh battery which let you use the speaker for 7 hours continuously, good enough, isn't it?​ You won’t need to bother about renewing the battery for many years. What’s even better is that you can charge it up and plug-in the battery with the integrated micro USB cable.

It gets charged pretty quickly,  gets fully charged in an hour to make it rock for next 7 hours without any interruption. It's a water resistance speaker, so it's a good choice speaker if you're carrying it on the beach or for a pool party or even for showering.

The two precision acoustic drivers produce a high-quality crystal clear sound. And, its proprietary passive bass radiator design helps to give you good experience with enhanced bass.

I'm personally a bass lover, so if you're the one who is looking for good bass speakers, then don't worry, because it has got a good bass-quality bass system.

This portable speaker succeeds to carry a punch for its size and doesn't even crush the mix till you hit that last notch of volume on your device.

There is volume up and down, a play/pause button, and Bluetooth button, for pairing on the side of the speaker. You can connect to any device up to 33 unobstructed feet away.


  • Sound quality and bass quality is good for its price.
  • It's a portable Bluetooth speaker and weather resistant. These two qualities make it an excellent portable speaker.


  • The speaker doesn’t have an AC charger; it might be a concern for few of you guys.
  • The bass quality varies depending what surface it's kept on. The bass in dense areas isn't quite the same.

#2 DKnight Magicbox - Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

DKnight magicbox

This is most-selling portable speaker of 2016-17 and it will continue to maintain the streak because there is not any single portable speaker that can beat it for the price range under 40$.

It's a good-looking speaker that supports wireless music stream with new Bluetooth v3.0 technology, and it also features an inbuilt MP3, so if you forget your USB, Oxlead or even mobile, then this option will come in handy.

The speaker has six control buttons connected to one side. Therefore it allows you to change from one song to another, to adjust the volume or to answer a phone call with only a touch of a button.

Design, Functionality, and Sound Quality

​DKnight features a conventional design. The ultra-compact size and the delicate touch rubber design can be smoothly arranged into a backpack, suitcase or a travel bag.

There are buttons on the top head of the speaker. There is a calling button as well which helps you to listen to the phone calls in a single click, pretty cool huh! Then there are 3 functionalities on the bottom head of the speaker – Power switch, Wired Input, Micro USB charging port.

It features two extremely powerful 40mm total 10w acoustic drivers for superior sound and a broad audio spectrum. It also features HD speaker for the Phone calls.

​I like how one can answer the phone call instantly from the speaker, and when you end the call, the music starts again. But, it's not really worth to use the calling features, because people on the other side might complain about your voice quality. It sounds like that you're talking from the tunnel.

If you're just looking for a good quality speaker, then it's really not a concern, but it's warning from my end if you're interested purchasing a portable speaker for voice calls.

​The speak has built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery. It stands up to 10-12 hours of playtime which is pretty decent for a portable speaker. Playing the music for awhole day at full volume will make it last for about 10 hours.

​The previous version of magicbox had a 6w driver, but the new one features 10w drivers which add the bass. Even though it adds the extra bass, but it still not a jaw-dropping bass speaker. You'll actually feel the bass and enjoy it, but don't have high expectation, however, for its price it can't get any better.


  • This speaker has got compact and easy to use design which is really something to admire about.
  • The sound quality is great for its price.


  • Quality of bass isn't superior although it features 10 speakers.

#3 DKnight Big MagicBox - Best Under 50$

DKnigh Big MagicBox

If your budget is around 50$ for best portable speaker 2017, then look no further, because this is one of the best quality and dope looking portable speaker for 50$. I'm personally in love with this portable speaker. I usually call it "Lit speaker," because it has got an amazing looking design, kudos to the DKnight!

​It's an upgrade from the very popular DKnight MagicBox II speaker. Now, it's better than its previous version. Here are the following issues that have been solved.

What's New?

1.Solved the battery charging problem.

2.Optimized the Bass port for greater bass and sound quality.

3. Upgraded to 4000mA battery and increased playing time up to 12 hours.

Design, Functionality, and Sound Quality

Like I said before, it's one of the best looking portable speakers you'll ever find. It's designed so beautifully, and it's a low weight speaker, weighs 15 ounces, that makes it light to pick up and transport with you in a rucksack, bag or even in your pocket.

​There are 6 big buttons on the speaker which are easy to press. Personally, I don't like the small button, because we've to put high-pressure on them to make the buttons work, so these big buttons are really useful and make it smooth to operate.

​It has a nice dark gray finish with smooth edges on the sides, and a metal speaker aperture surface around it with small holes for dust resistance and extra strength. Overall, it's a fantastically designed speaker.

​DKnight Bigmagicbox uses "Bluetooth 4.0 technology" which is competent of carrying data back and forth among two devices, rather than a single direction, enabling them to communicate quickly and effortlessly.

There’s a 4000 mAh battery mounted into the Big MagicBox which is fully rechargeable with the added micro USB charging cable. The battery gives up to 12 hours of constant use even when putting huge pressure on it with the high volume and bass.​

Talking About Speaker Quality, It's constructed with 20W complete acoustic drivers and superior bass improvement technology. In the same price range, the Big MagicBox is the most competing speaker in the market that offers excellent sound quality.

​The speakers are so loud and can rock your room with the music and bass. It provides strong bass without distortion of music even at the highest volume which makes it stand out of the crowd and its competitors.


  • Clear, Fresh, and Loud Sound with Bass.
  • The sound quality is great for its price.
  • Amazing Battery Life.


  • Design in not compatible for every situation. For example, it might roll on the floor or table which can eventually become a problem.

Best Under 100$

#4 Anker Premium A3143 

anker premium A3143

I really like Anker's  speakers, because they manufacture decent looking portable speaker with good-quality material which is kind of rare combination in portable speaker's industry. The one I'm featuring is upgraded version of what I own - Wish I have got the same one.

In the new version of Anker A​3143 features a better design with added sound drivers. It offers dual speaker with 10W of sound output on each. If your budget is anywhere around 60 or 70$, then this is the best one you can purchase.

Design, Functionality, and Sound Quality

Anker normally has a minimum take on fashion elements since that’s how they make it inexpensive without losing sound quality. However, it's not a cheap looking speaker, looks pretty decent overall. Still, it fails to look as premium as its name insists.

​It has surprising glossy plastic instead of the matte plastic found on other regular speakers, like the Soundcore, which we don't see on speakers costing around 60$. 

It catches your fingerprint, but you can easily wipe it down. The front side of the speaker is all grille with a thin fabric clothing that provides it an excellent grip in hand and ergonomic touch.

​Other than that, there are four regular buttons at the top for making it easy to use. Because of the plastic material the buttons look horrible, but they do work very well.

About Speakers and Sound Quality, It features dual audio speakers, and each speaker is powered by ten-watt drivers, which I find pretty amazing because the dual speaker combo helps to produce a ​crisp, and clear audio with impressive high-volume.

The lows of the speaker are very good. Though they are powerful, but still not that accurate, however, they do justice for their price. The highs of the song are up to mark, and you can rock any music on high-volume without any disturbance in the music/song quality.

It features ​5200mAh lion battery that stands for 8 hours of play time which is kind of comparable to low price Bluetooth portable speakers regardless of any model. At 7 hours of the playtime, the light filament turns on, and it starts blinking. It's a cool feature that reminds you to charge the battery ASAP, but at the same time, it could be annoying.

​This Anker speaker is configured with Bluetooth 4.0 which comes with a range of 33 feet, and I find it excellent for its price. Pairing is simple and easy, and it also auto-reconnects to the device which is a noticeable feature.


  • Dual audio speakers for loud sound and amazing bass.
  • Blinks the light when the battery is about to die.


  • The plastic made buttons look pretty bad.


best portable speaker

UE MINI BOOM is a small speaker that produces surprisingly loud sound. The rechargeable battery remains live for 10 hours of continuous beats. It streams music from any Bluetooth-enabled device from up to 50 ft away which is amazing.

You can also wirelessly connect two speakers together for truly epic stereo sound with wide separation. Its small design, easy controls, and crystal-clear speakerphone make UE MINI BOOM an ideal partner for your life on the go.​ If you're looking for a compact size portable speaker, then this one is for you.

Design, Functionality, and Sound Quality

It's a small size sexy looking black portable Bluetooth speaker (its available in other colors too). Its surface is covered with the rubber bumper which provides protection against tumbles, scratches, and dings. 

At the top, there are three buttons. From left to right order, first comes volume decrease button, then Bluetooth ​pairing button and at the right side, there is volume increase button. It's actually disappointed that there is no button to pause the song and change the song from the speaker itself as there is no next/previous button on the speaker.

Talking about speakers, UE Mini Boss delivers unexpectedly bold, jaw-dropping sound with crystal clear highs and deep bass. So, if you think that it's a small size speaker that might fit you pocket and doesn't produce quality sound and bass, then you're wrong.

Though it's surprising, but ultimate ears did a great job on it. You can connect two speakers wirelessly through the UE MINI BOOM app which helps to double the sound spectrum. However, it's still not perfect as it emphasizes on deep bass and mids.

Overall, the quality of bass is really good, however, for the general sound, it's average and might leave you wanting little more definition.

Battery is another strong side of UE Mini speaker. It has playtime of 10 hours, but it takes time to charge the battery, like 3-4 hours which could be a concern for busy folks. You would be able to squeeze the advertised 10 hours of music performance out of this small one at a variety of volumes.

UE MINI BOOM wirelessly streams music from Bluetooth enabled devices from up to 50 ft away which is 50% farther than normal Bluetooth portable speakers. You can connect it to the two speakers at once, and can turn the UC mini speakers into a stereo mode. 


  • UE Mini Boom is a portable, durable and sleek designed speaker which provides full value for the money.
  • The rubber bumper protects it from scratches and other accidents, in case it accidentally drops on the floor.
  • It produces high bass, so if you're a bass lover, then this is something you need.


  • No play and pause button which is the biggest turn off if especially if you're going to use pen drive since there will be no option to skip the songs.
  • The Sound definition should be a little better.

#6 JBL Flip 3 - Editor's Pick For Best Portable Speaker 

JBL Flip 3

JBL Flip 3 is an award-winning flip Series. It is a medium size portable Bluetooth speaker that produces loud, room-filling stereo sound throughout. This is an ultra-compact speaker. It's durable, fully waterproof and available in 8 other colors.

Flip 3 also highlights a built-in noise and echo canceling speakerphone for better phone calls. JBL connect technology helps to link multiple BL speakers to amplify the sound experience. Like I said, If your budget is 100$, then this is the best one you can own.

Design, Functionality, and Sound Quality

JBL Flip 3's design is exceptional, and it just weighs 1.6 ounces which make it super portable. It's available in eight colors (aqua, orange, black, blue, gray, pink, red, and yellow) and price varies according to the color. 

Flip 3 built with a splashproof fabric body which makes it seem good and at the same time makes it grippy to hold. Needless to say, it's a waterproof speaker. I've personally tested in the water, and it's still working.​

Flip 3 is more compact than always, and it also has a cord connected so you can hang it in your bathroom or with your backpack on a trip.

There are big plastic buttons on the fabric of the speaker which are very easy to press and looks amazing, but they just kind of hide in black color, but it's not a concern. There are 4 tiny bulbs that lights up when battery is low. 

It features dual external passive radiators which illustrate just how dominant the speakers are! With JBL bass radiators you can hear the bass, feel the bass,and see the bass. 

​With 8 watts for each driver, the Flip 3 has enough potential for a small speaker. At the full volume, it distorts a bit like other speakers. The speaker sounds excellent at 85 decibels, and it's enough sound to fill the medium-sized rooms.

It features Bluetooth version 4.1, which supports Bluetooth connection for about 30 feet and I find this to be on the moderate end of the spectrum. But, it's cool enough and connects quickly. You can connect multiple speakers for creating a stereo experience​.

It's comes with a 3000 mAh battery that gives about 10 hours of continue playtime and charges fully in 3.5 hours. For me, it lasts for more than 10 hours on medium volume and 9.5 hours on full volume which is pretty amazing.

  • If your budget is 100$, then don't look further, because JBL Flip 3 will meet all your expectation with exceptional sound-quality.


  • High-quality deep bass for such compact size is pretty amazing.
  • Its fully waterproof which makes it extra reliable.
  • The speakerphone quality is really good without any echo.


  • Speaker distorts at high-volume.

#7 FUGOO Style - Under 150$

Fugoo style

FUGOO Style is a powerful Bluetooth speaker which produces 360º high-quality sound and provides 40 hours of continuous play time which is just AWESOME. It is Designed perfectly so that you can bring it on the bike rides, paddle boards, and every possible place.

​On top of that, FUGOO Speakers are mudproof, dustproof, and 100% waterproof with an IP67 rating. It produces fantastic music quality. It's a perfect choice for portable Bluetooth speakers under 150$.

Design, Functionality, and Sound Quality

"Fugo Style," the name itself defines the quality of this speaker. It's a strong and elegant looking speaker. The speaker is built in a way that you can change its design by spending some bucks on it. Fugo features jacket for its model and you buy the one if the later time you want to change the look.

An impressive point to remark is that the speaker is IPX67 weather resistant which means that the speaker is sand proof, snow proof, and can endure if dipped in water for 30 minutes, crazy enough!

Talking about sound quality, Fugoo uses a total of six speakers: two tweeters, two mid-range drivers, and two passive radiators. Additional, these speakers provide 360 degrees sound so that you can hear the music from any direction; thus it will not let you down.

​Listening to music on this speaker gives pleasure.The sound profile dares its size, pumping out stable audio ample of bass, covered with mids and highs that don't twist. It's suitable for mellow hip-hop, jazz master cuts, and rock alike. In short, it worth all the money.

DO I need to talk about the battery? - I don't think so, but still! It features world's best battery for a portable speaker at a price under 130$. It remains alive for 40 hours for continuous music play time at 50% volume. If you often go on the long trips or vacations, then purchase this speaker right now. I'm bet you that you won't regret it.

The Fugoo features built-in noise humiliating microphone and supports the entire duplex speakerphone. Apart from making calls, the speaker further enables you to use "Siri and Google Now" without any problem. The outgoing quality of calls is excellent. There is no echo and disturbance in the voice calls - A great speaker for phone calling.

Connecting to the speaker is easy like other regular speakers. Like other models, just click and hold the Bluetooth key and search for it on your device, then simply pair it, that it. You can rock the speaker under 30 feet of Bluetooth range which is pretty standard.


  • Easy to port and features different jackets for customizing the looks.
  • High-quality sound, and useful for making voice calls.
  • Water resistant, Dust Resistant, and Mud Resistant.
  • Battery stays alive for 40 hours.


  • No button for switching between songs.

#8​ Bose SoundLink Mini - Under 200$

best portable speaker 2017 under 200$

The SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker II produces loud sound with dramatically deeper lows than you'd assume from a portable speaker that grips in the palm of your hand. Because it's wireless and ultra-compact, therefore it's easy to take Bose sound anywhere.

​It's very sleek, a compact wireless Bluetooth speaker that sounds perfect for its tiny size. It also incorporates a charging cradle that you can leave plugged in, and it will save your battery from being getting overcharged.

Design, Functionality, and Sound Quality

It's classic looking portable Bluetooth speaker — It's unquestionably a Bose as the name says, but it seems about a little dated opposed to few other speakers that I've reviewed in the best portable speakers 2017 list.

It weighs 1.5-pounds which is pretty light and pretty amazing if we consider the fact that we're looking for some high-quality speakers which usually makes the portable speakers little heavy to carry.

It comes in two variations, i.e., Carbon color and pearl color. I'm not personally a fan of pearl so right now I'm reviewing carbon color SoundLink Mini.

It's constructed with rubber-topped buttons which sit on the top plate. The buttons are power button, volume controls, a multi-function button, and a Bluetooth button. It's pretty disappointing to see that it also doesn't feature play/next button and it might be a concern for few of you guys. 

Talking about Sound Quality, Bose SoundLink Mini features good quality speakers. It's not the bassiest speaker on the earth, but its pretty good for its compact size and price range. The overall sound quality is good as it produces clean and natural sound on highs and lows of the speaker.

Pairing isn't something to boast about in most of the Bluetooth enabled portable speakers, because they all get the job done, but Bose Mini takes it another level with "Voice Prompt feature." Voice prompts make pairing with smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth devices easier than ever.

It remembers 8 devices so it auto reconnects as soon as you enable the Bluetooth on your device. If the whole family is going to use the speaker, then this feature comes in handy.

​There is an improvement in the new version of  Bose Mini. It plays up to 10 hours on full charge. On top of that, charging process is easier than before because it can also be charged via microUSB. 

The inbuilt speaker lets you talk on the phone without any disturbances. The voice is crystal clear, and no one would be able to tell that you're talking to them using a portable Bluetooth speaker. But for its price, it's a normal feature so I won't stress on this feature, but still, it's important to talk about in my reviews.


  • Great build quality.
  • Listen to High-Quality music without any distortion.


  • No option for stereo pairing.

Best Under 300$

#9 UE Megaboom - Under 250$

UE MegaBoom

UE MEGABOOM is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker on steroids. It booms amazing 360-degree sound with intense, heart-pounding bass– The ultimate Boom. It's designed to encourage massive parties and minor disturbances.

Earlier it was priced at 300$; then it was slowly dropped. It's made by Logitech company which is popular for making high-quality stuff in the computer field. Not only that, it's the best known Bluetooth speaker under 300$. 

Design, Functionality, and Sound Quality

Megaboom is little over 9 inches in length and comes in various colors. It's cylindrical in shape, and middle of the speaker is round covered with the rubber which helps it to be stable on the floor, table or any place.

There are 2 big buttons on the speaker, +/- for increasing and decreasing the volume. The buttons are really amazing, and it feels so ergonomic while pressing the button. Then, on the side, there is Bluetooth pairing button for quick pairing.​

​The Megaboom flaunts a robust sound that's packed with crispness and powerful bass. The speakers are fully on steroids and UE's cylindrical Bluetooth speaker provides very clear bass, and there is no distortion even on the high-volume.

​It also features the 360-degree audio effect, which is improved from the previous version. If we talk, in general, this speaker will not let anybody down with its crisp music speakers and with the loud heavy bass that can be felt.

The Megaboom uses Bluetooth Smart, which enables you to set the speaker on and off remotely from the app itself, UE App. UE app also allows for pairing two speakers together and even pair the Megaboom with the original Boom.

On top of that, it has 100-foot Bluetooth wireless range which is incredibly impressive. Connect your Bluetooth speaker with the device, and you can listen to the music from the corners of your house​

Battery life gets a five-hours boost than the previous model which stands for almost 20 hours of continuous play time. This establishes the Megaboom in the range of what one would expect for a speaker of this size and price. It comes with ultra-fast micro USB charging which gives it an edge over its competitor.

Not to forget that it's completely waterproof, IPX7 certified, which helps in protecting the innards for up to 30 minutes while fully dipped in the water. You can find the videos on the Youtube where people have taken this speaker inside the water pool, and it still didn't get corrupt.


  • High-Quality Sound and Bass Quality With Elegant Looking Design.
  • Full Water Proof.


    • No Added Feature If We Look at The Price

#10 Bose SoundLink III 

Bose makes some excellent Bluetooth speakers and has been picked for the best portable speaker on big online magazines like PCmag a couple of time.Moreover, it's been the most selling Bluetooth speaker in the price range of 300$ on Amazon.

It plays louder and higher than its famous predecessor, with superior Bose technologies that represent the fullness, clarity, and depth of your music. It features the colorful assortment of optional covers that let you personalize your speaker according to your choice.

Design, Functionality, and Sound Quality

It weighs 3 pounds and measures 1.9 x 10.1 x 5.2 inches that don't make Soundlink III fall into the ultra-portable category. However, still, it's thin enough to be tucked into your backpack. There are more ultra portable speakers in the market like mentioned above in the article, but this speaker is for some serious music lovers.

I'm personally not a fan of the design, but it's not ugly by any means either. It looks traditional, clean, and well built strong speaker. It has a set of six soft-touch buttons (Power, Auxiliary, Bluetooth, Mute, and Volume Up/Down) on the top and four indicator lights (Bluetooth, Mute, Power, and Battery) on the front side. The SoundLink II and all of these are Silicone buttons that protect from dirt and dust.

​Talking about speaker quality, well if you're spending 300$, then the quality of sound matters the most and believe me Bose SoundLink is exceptional. Unlike UE Megaboom, the Soundlink III is more uni-directional in terms of sound distribution.

It features four drivers, and two big radiators produce full-spectrum audio and precision at any listening level. Additionally, you can feel exceptional bass performance which can not be found in any other portable Bluetooth speaker. It is improved in digital signal processing that let you share your music louder than the last version of their Bluetooth speaker.

Pairing with Bluetooth devices is smooth, and it remembers the device after the first pairing (it will automatically pair when you turn it on, as long as you have Bluetooth enabled on your device). And, the Bluetooth button on the speaker is pretty ergonomic to click.

Talking about battery life, it has the playtime of 14 hours which is pretty excellent, because good quality music consumes more battery, and still it stays for 14 hours. So 14 hours of battery is really excellent battery time.

The SoundLink III utilizes a DC power-in jack rather than micro USB port, so this is something you need to keep in mind if you're going to purchase it. It does have a micro USB port, but it's only for firmware updates, not for charging purpose.


  • Non-comparable Music Quality.
  • Deep Bass that makes you feel the music.


  • No waterproof feature at such high-priced, disappointing.

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