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Apple Watch 3 Review: A Good Upgrade or Not?

Apple released Apple watch series 3 at the press event on 12-Sept-2017, alongside two other gadgets – iPhones & Apple 4K TV.  Though Apple watch 3 was announced on 12 Sept, but it’s yet to launch in the market. The watches will go on pre-order from today (15/Sept/2017) and would be available in the shops […]

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Best Soundbars 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

The New TVs’ audio suck without Soundbars! Right? In the process of making slimmer TVs, companies end up compromising the SOUND! So, if you got yourself a new TV and questioning why it sounds so bad, then you need soundbars. And, our list of best soundbars 2018 will clear the air – JUST STICK WITH THE […]

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Best Fitness Tracker 2018 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

If you’re into fitness then you definitely need a best fitness tracker in 2018!​Fitness Trackers are one of the hot wearable gadgets in the market. It’s not only a fashion statement, but it’s one of the few gadgets that you need if you’re conscious about your health and want a healthy lifestyle.Fitness trackers evolved incredibly […]

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